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Whats up....

...Doc! Bugs, one of my fav characters of all time ~ incredible to think this guy has his own star on the Hollywood walk of fame....

WIP for a Speed Shop

WIP for a Speed Shop

Keyclack posters

Worked with keyclack on some posters lately. it was fun working on them to be honest xD

Recipes App Landing Page ??‍?

Hello guys, this is my exploration of color and style illustrations online recipe app landing page, fell free to feedback ??


Working on a cyrillic logo that says "Valaam". This is the name of an old monastery based in the North of Russia.

Collaboration Sketch

Working on something new so this is preliminary sketch I hope you like it.. ;) Stay tuned for more.


Just ?

App for learn new things about UX - Daily UI Challenge

Daily UI challenge App for learn new things about UX reading books in the correct order —— Today I am buying a lot of books of design,...

Dressing room

Concept of dressing room was created during "Nice" UI kit development for online shops. Inspired by USSR game for girls where they...

UI for Personal character

This project is a personal character introduction app. The prototype is from the UC app. I hope to understand the people you are interested...

Data visualization interface design

Sometimes we always think of something "different", so we keep trying. Sometimes what we lack is to break the conventional courage....



I ♥️ Dribbble!

I ♥️ Dribbble! Here's my entry for the @Sticker Mule contest. I love @Dribbble and @Sticker Mule of course! @Dribbble is at the heart...

home page of Adoption app

This is an app designed for pet-loving users. We can use it to post pet news and adopt pets. At the same time, you can share your...

Grain Rain.

天雨粟,鬼夜哭,思念漫太古。 我对你的思念弥漫在整个人类存在的时代,就算使用仓颉造出的文字,也无法描写出来。 I miss you filled the entire human survival times, even CHANGJEI creation of...


This is the national treasure panda of China.welcome to pay attention to it .Show us love! Press "L". Want to see more shot? Visit...

Work projects

This is my work project, Hope you like it.

Tourism icons

Sketch source files, hope you like it : ) More of the lens, visit my profile, and remember to follow me :-)

Book app - List1

This is a list of bookshelf,Wish u like it!


这是一个神秘的故事,在遥远的星系,并等待你的加入。 我觉得这很酷,希望你喜欢它。 This is a mysterious story in distant galaxies and waiting for you to join. I think it's...

Expense Tracker App

An expense tracker app we are working on. Have an awesome idea? We will provide a quick analysis and free proposal for it. Don’t worry,...

Health Landing Page

Hi guys, here is a preview of our latest work, A landing page for health website. ----------------------- Interested to work with...

Art Therapy Exploration

?✋✂️ Between moodboard and webdesign... - INSTAGRAM -

Food spin me right round ?

Tasty and productive Monday, guys! This shot was created during our work on NewNourish — a great resource for better knowledge, better...

Illustration page

This is a web page about travel, mainly to do the weekend tour, make a short and refined travel recommendation, for people's leisure...


What is a dribbble for me? Piece of something delicious every morning for my coffee. Drop a comment and press L!

Ueno News : Exploration

One more and last shot about the Ueno news section. It was an exploration using a feed instead of a grid view. https://ueno.co/news...

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